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Caring for your leather goods


Mix the cleaner thoroughly, and place a generous amount on the sponge attached. Massage the sponge to create a foam.


Clean soiled areas directly with the sponge, moving the sponge (with sufficient foam) in a circular motion.


Wipe away any stains that arise with a soft clean cloth before they dry. Allow the leather to dry naturally. If a stain is particularly difficult to remove, repeat steps 1-3.


Once the leather is completely dried, apply some of the protection cream to the attached cloth, and spread evenly across the leather’s surface. Take particular care to ensure that cream is spread evenly across all areas susceptible to dirt build up etc.


Finally, leave the leather to dry naturally. Repeat cream application to parts that are susceptible to dirt build up (after drying). The stain prevention comes into effect 48 hour after application.

Products to care for your leather goods

Uniters Leather Master
Leather Care Kit

This is a useful kit that combines a cloth perfect for applying leather protectant, a cleaning sponge necessary for cleaning and protecting leather from stains, cleaner that protects the leather, and a leather cleaner.

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